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BioSal Anlagenbau GmbH
Gewerbegebiet: An den Angerwiesen 6
D-04651 Bad Lausick
Tel:  ++49 (0) 34345-25151
Fax:  ++49 (0) 34345-25153
e-mail: info@biosal.eu.

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Rentable BioSal-FIL
Biofiltering Systems

BioSal-Fil Mietbiofilter 

Rentable BioSal-FIL biofilter for odor control and reducing the amount of pollutants in exhaust air are implemented in waste management, sewage treatment, industrial, agricultural and food processing
applications, to name just a few.
Filter area: approx. 13m
Filter volume: approx. 25m
Equipment: ventilator, control cabinet
Rent: as arranged

We look forward to receiving your inquiry per email: mietcenter@biosal.de

Note: Our pool of rentable equipment includes other systems of various sizes.